Getting a'head' for the customer

We’re all looking for the time hack, the quick answer, the shortcut to the solution. If there is a connection to be made with the customer, you’re more likely to achieve this if you’ve done some of the thinking for them. From a brand and buying process perspective, this means pre-validating your offer. Being able to communicate that what you are selling is worthwhile having – because you’ve invested the time to work it out, gone to the effort of making it clear and therefore possess the confidence to be concise.

Before you reach out, some things to think ahead on:

  • What makes their life easier?
  • Fears and uncertainties (often related to downtime, money, reputational damage).
  • Questions about your service (obvious and out-there).
  • Knowledge gaps around your space/service type.
  • Their previous experience (and how this has influenced perception and expectation).
  • Price vs value (and what matters the most to them).
  • If they are interested – what happens next, and next, and next…

Thinking about the obvious stuff can help to cut through the customer’s feelings of complexity. Less complexity equals more room for connection.