/Brand Design

In branding there is a lot of buzz around authenticity, story-telling and experience. Important stuff, undoubtedly. However, if customers don’t get the basics of service features, product range, the buying process, what makes you special and how it all fits together – you’ve got confusion, missed opportunity and a poor experience.

The solution is clarity in communication. Thinking about what the buyer wants to know and balancing this with what the brand has to say. The big picture. This is at the heart of our branding projects and helps to take established or already successful small-to-medium businesses to the next level. Creating a system of visual communications that are recognisable, interlocking and reinforcing. Technically robust, suitable and scalable for the ever evolving marketing mix. Creatively distinctive and appealing for the purpose.

It's all about effective, straight-forward branding and design that does the job of making a strong connection.

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