Recreate Design is all about creating something new. A new perception, new understanding, new connection, new action. A problem solving approach to the modern challenges of brand design and graphic design.

Clarity in communication is our goal. Removing confusion and making it easy for the customer. Easy to understand what is on offer, how it works, why it is of benefit and is worth choosing over the alternatives. We’re not talking about a sexy aesthetic, or differentiation, for the sake of it. Rather an elegant, functional purpose that delivers the message in an effective way. Design that does the job.

Founded in 2007, we’re a micro practice with two working directors. Close working relationships are central to how we work. Depending on the project need, we manage and partner with our associates in design, web, development and content. This flexible collaborative setup keeps us lean while ensuring expertise when and where it is needed.


James Vigar is responsible for all consultation and design.

He’s a design graduate with over 15 years commercial experience and has worked across branding, advertising, exhibition, web, video, content and print design. Clients include boutique small businesses, specialist companies and global corporates. He’s picked up a thing or two along the way.

James writes our blog.