Branding For Professional Services (You're Not Nike).

If you operate in a professional service sector, the way you do things is what differentiates you.

The way you do things encompasses:

  • How you see the problem.
  • Where the solution starts.
  • What happens en route.
  • The big benefit at the end of the rainbow.

Who you are is also important, but rarely so important that it takes precedence over the actual work that you do. In many instances, for a business selling to another business, buy-in and perception of value is based on understanding process and belief that a desired objective can be achieved. Aspirational feeling or emotional connection is for buying running shoes.

Consultants and specialists building a brand need to look inward to define the outward. The challenge comes in visually and verbally articulating all of the invisibles, the hidden value – conceptual drivers, practiced approaches, methodologies that lead to success. It is much easier to commission (and create) a slick logo, congruent colour scheme and punchy messages.

If you want to build a brand based on your work, a great place to start is to simply write down your end-to-end service journey. Step one, step two, step three… until delivery. Now, step outside or yourself and ask questions about each step as the customer. What does that mean, what happens here, why does that matter, how does it improve it? It is hard to be the third eye on your own stuff. Critical observations and fresh insights from outside of the organsisation will surprise you and can help to uncover where the real, tangible value is.

Now you’re getting somewhere.