Fake It, Until You Make It

I love this phrase. Many of us have to fake it, until we make it. It’s part of life.

Fake can mean many things, but when we’re positioning our brand, marketing our offer – fake means promising we can deliver something. The chances are, we’ve not delivered that particular thing before. Does this mean we should shy away from it? Unless you’re performing surgery or flying planes, you’ll probably be alright.

We all possess transferable skills. This is particularly true of consultants or coaches who have often built-up experience in the field, spent time solving tricky problems, collaborated with others, developed a solid method or process, seen it through and delivered…

If you believe in yourself enough to be confident in your ability to fake it (and make it on the way) you need that same confidence to be communicated by your branding, your website, your marketing pack.

I’ve seen many businesses grow into good branding. Visualisation (and verbalisation) are powerful techniques. If it makes sense, looks real and is out there in the world for all to see, then it feels real!

And there is no need to throw the kitchen sink at it. Quality over quantity is the way. Less is more. Strip it down – understand your audience, identify your difference and how this is of value to the buyer. Then aim to provide clarity in everything word, on every channel, and build the clearest picture with every graphic.

Do this, and do it well, and you won’t be faking for too long!