Excuse me, please look at this, I think it will help…

This is the simple request of every successful prospecting consultant or coach.

If we break it down there are 3 key parts:

Excuse me – This is asking for permission (Permission Marketing credit to Seth Godin). We are constantly bombarded with advertising. Increasing the volume often leads to us covering our ears. We need to be in the right space, giving the right insights, for long enough to be credible. When we’ve established this, we have earned the privilege of asking for connection.

Please look at this – This is turning the attention into engagement. Our prospect is giving us their time now, in return, we need to show them something worthy.

I think it will help – Finally, the value. What problem is being solved and what are the benefits of the solution? An empathetic, concise and compelling offer. A well written, appropriately visualised presentation that communicates with clarity throughout.

If we honour the 3 parts, even if they don’t go for it, we’ve done our best and will have learnt how to do better next time.

There are thousands and thousands of pitch decks that get skimmed at best. There are far fewer decks, normally with fewer pages, that invite, engage and convert.