Selling Service Simply

If you’re a consultant or a coach selling a service, you want your website, your deck, your infographic to communicate:

Credibility + Difference = Value

If you’ve done the work before, have a defined process and can evidence success via a real project you’ve delivered – that’s everything you need to hit the right notes!

The messaging sequence looks like this:

  1. Problem – What is the specific problem that you can solve? Focus on the individual challenge and the benefits of the solution you’ll deliver.
  2. Process – How do you resolve the problem? Give us the steps…
  3. Proof – Where have you done this before? Stats, feedback, IMPACT!
  4. People – Who makes up the team? Skill sets, experience and likeability (it matters).

Put this altogether and you’ve outlined the why. Why your consultancy offers something credible, different and valuable.