Same Problem, Different Challenge

In branding and marketing we talk a lot about the audience.

In sales or selling, it is all about the individual.

Who’s right?

Well, I think both are and I believe in combining the approaches!

Consider the audience first.

The audience has a common problem. Whatever their individual view on it, take it out of Claire’s box and it will be the same problem Sofia has in her box. Find this big problem (or most painful pain point) that all of your audience share.

Armed with this knowledge, turn your attention to getting to know the individual.

Claire owns this problem; it is her challenge. That challenge, it’s personal. How Claire thinks about it is different to Sofia, because they’re different people! Reach out to and connect with the individuals you can access. Leverage this to understand their relationship with the problem.

Now, you have both sides of the coin.

Time to focus on how to communicate this – Here’s the big problem you are facing, this is what our tailored solution for you looks like.

Let’s go brand sell!