What Should Your Branding Look Like Post Lockdown?

Covid-19 has thrown everything out of the window. People are living differently, working differently, thinking differently.

Where has it left your business, your brand?

70% of my clients have been very quiet. However, 30% have never been busier!

Why have some been busy? Because they offered a service that remained or became more useful (and I’m not talking about companies selling food or PPE). It’s that simple! Being useful = sales. Granted, the Covid-19 situation has made many businesses useless by default. You can’t sell if you can’t open. Now, as things being to reopen, these are the businesses that need to appear better and more useful than they ever did before.

Useful sounds a bit flat. However, it doesn’t have to be! Forget utilitarian. Useful can be cheap, mid-market and even luxurious. It all depends on your product/market.

Here are a few areas of thought on being a useful brand:

People Don’t Like Change

Now is not the time for a visual rebrand – new name, logo, colours etc.

Customers will assume the worst and lose confidence.

At this moment, stability is wanted.

No matter what your long-term plans, or what is happening under the surface, you want to appear as that familiar friend.

Find ways to emphasise and reinforce your brand – how you do things, your special approach, the things you value that translate into value for your customer. Embed them in everything.

People Need Help

A lot of us have been through the ringer, emotionally and financially. More than ever, we’d like clear answers to our problems. The more a business can show empathy or be understanding of what it feels like to be us, the more helpful they will appear to us.

Understanding translates to caring. Prove you’re a helpful hand by adjusting the customer experience to be compliant yet comfortable. Use design and marketing to say ‘hey, it’s not business as usual, but we’re still us and we’re still doing our thing for you’.

People Want (A Sense Of) Certainty

Most of us like clarity. So, be very clear in what you say, do and in how you act.

Consistency is the sister to clarity. Consistent presentation and communication, from your website to personal service, breeds confidence. Confidence is the most attractive thing!

In Summary

Work out what was working about your brand before Covid-19 and make it clearer and stronger than ever. Be more understanding, more aware, more helpful and promote this. Above all, keep communicating with confidence, it’s a self-fulling prophecy.

PS – I wish all businesses the best. Words are easy and action is difficult. I’m inspired by all the business owners who are coming out fighting and innovating. I’m on your team!