What Makes A Good Logo Design?

A question that I’m often asked is, James, what makes a good logo design?

It’s a great question and something every small business founder or marketing manager wants to know.

Here’s the catch. Different people have different opinions based on different experiences, expectations and a load of other things we can’t begin to imagine.

So, if you are creating a logo, how can you cater for all of these unknowns? Where do you start?

I like to keep it simple. My design approach is to focus in on what will help the logo to be effective as a graphic mark. A graphic mark that has a job to do.

Let’s not forget that the logo is a business tool with a primary purpose – to represent a business by being distinctive and memorable. To differentiate from the competition and connect with the audience.

Here are the three elements that fulfil this logo purpose:

  • Authenticity.
  • Appropriateness.
  • Simplicity.

Let’s look at each of these.

An authentic feature is a special graphic form that you will only find in one logo design. This catches our eye and tells us that this logo is different and special, therefore the company it represents is different and special. This element is sometimes referred to as the meaning behind the logo.

Appropriateness is all about reassurance. Something in the logo design that is appropriate to the service or product, market space or the target customer. This adds confidence and credibility.

Simplicity is simply about the graphic form and there are two big reasons why simple is best:

  1. We assimilate, register, recall simple graphics more quickly. They get stuck in our heads.
  2. Simple is practical and versatile. Simple can go big, go small, go full colour, go single colour, be painted, printed, embroidered and still work, every time.

So, there are the three elements that make a good logo design.

  • Authenticity.
  • Appropriateness.
  • Simplicity.

Does your logo embody these principles? What about some big brands that you admire?

Don’t forget, a good logo design is just part of your branding.

What you really want is a great brand identity.