What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is a visual and verbal presence. It applies to small business, big business, organisations, groups, individuals – any entity that puts something out into the world has a look and voice which combine to create a feeling in our minds.

The purpose of identity is to differentiate and connect. To differentiate the offer/service/products from the market competition and at the same time connect, or provide something of benefit, to the audience.

Identity plays a key role in communications. Anything informational or promotional – marketing, advertising, signage, packaging etc – projects the Brand Identity and is part of the Brand Identity.

An effective identity will create a personality, provide a cohesive appearance and tone while keeping communications consistent.

This is all part of the attract, engage, convert process. Or, simply, persuading people to trust you.

The question we should be asking: Is the way something looks and the tone with which it speaks really enough to get people on board?