Do we need to publicly publish brand values?

Branding, in many ways, is an attempt to humanise products, services, organisations.

We try to create personality. Why? Because we can identify with human traits, attitudes, beliefs.

People also have values, or things that they value.

The crux is, I’m rarely told by someone my values are… Why is this? Because that would be weird.

Instead, like everyone else, I work out people’s values from what they do. The action of being a human emits your values. Spend an hour chatting with someone and you’ll know quite a bit.

Some of the reasons brands are keen to stipulate their values:

  • They are attempting to control your perception (of course).
  • They are in a rush to get you to know them (buy now).
  • They haven’t worked out how to show you their values through actions (designed an experience).
  • Everyone else does. (It is a corporate thing).

To sum up. If your branding is genuine it pulses through everything your company does, says and plans to do. Therefore, does it need to be written down in an awkward few words or stock sounding statements on your website?

Earn your customer’s attention (thanks Seth) and they’ll work out what floats your boat. Experiences speak louder than words.