Uncertain Times. Get Inspired. Get Problem Solving!

Right now, in this moment, no one really knows what the other side of Corona will look like.

All we do know is that the radical change that has come is a necessity.

Good news – necessity is the mother of invention!

Many a small business has many a problem to solve. But that’s not new. Problem solving is in the DNA of all small businesses.

The stylist who cuts hair – that’s solving a personal appearance problem.

The flooring supplier who fits new carpet – that’s a home comfort problem.

The recruiter who head hunts a new hire – that’s solving a skill gap problem.

We don’t tend to think of the services that we offer as problem solving solutions, but there are!

Grab a pen. Write down every part of the problem you currently solve. All the services that you offer, tools that you use, people you serve, products that you use, where you do business, the times you work, how you work etc.

Grab a highlighter – highlight anything you think that you can improve on. Write down what you could improve or change.

Keep repeating this simple process and you get deeper and deeper into the problem you are solving, and you will spot new opportunities.

These opportunities might be within the existing business. They might be a sideline or value adder. They might be a whole new venture!

This is our chance to rethink, recreate and rebuild. Ready?

Footnote – This blog was inspired by a conversation today with a long-standing client, and supporter, Andy Medhurst of Inspire People. He’s a guy that is problem solving his way out of this.