An Interesting Question.

After this, after Corona, how are you going to be useful to your clients and customers?

Before Corona, in a more comfortable time, we enjoyed the luxury of indulgence. All the essentials were taken care of and this left us free to pay more attention to the wider narrative. Boutique brands and specialist businesses could make an impact and persuade action through telling stories, showcasing difference and loaded messaging.

When the disruption stops and things ‘go back’, we are definitely going to see a new normal.

I think mindsets will be different. I think people are going to look through a more grounded lens. Asking what is useful, what do I need, who is clearly offering me something tangible that will help me get on?

Any excess noise will get in the way of this.

Now is a good time to start thinking about how what we do genuinely matters to the customer and how we need to talk differently to them.

Some things are still being left on the shelves.