Customer Journey Is About The Extra Details

This is such a simple strategy to apply and, believe me, it works!

Write down your whole customer journey from enquiry to receipt of goods.

Chances are that your three main competitors would pen pretty much the same steps.

Hold on. You don’t want to be the same, you want to be a different!

Go back to that journey. Get yourself into the customer mindset and think about what would make it better for them. Now, purposefully design-in little enhancements for them to enjoy along the way.

You can do pretty much anything, as long as it is an improvement and doesn’t introduce complexity or lengthen the process (unless that’s what the customer wants). Something personal, something fun, something they hadn’t thought of!

A Real Example

When we rebranded the premium independent jeweller Ortwin Thyssen we designed in extra value from the start. Anyone who came in for a bespoke design and quote experienced:

  • A design sitting with a jeweller (most likely Ortwin himself).
  • A hands-on experience with the precious metals and stones that could go into their piece.
  • A detailed jewellery design sketch on good quality paper.
  • A detailed quote on branded, matching, good quality paper.
  • The sketch and drawing carefully folded to A6 and placed in a bespoke printed folder that told the story of design and making at Ortwin Thyssen.
  • A personal experience that lasted 60 minutes plus.

We essentially thought about the details and packaged this part of the customer journey. Why? To give them something they wouldn’t get somewhere else.

This wasn’t for the sake of it. Prior to this we had tested the competition. They did this:

  • A design sitting with a jeweller.
  • A look at some precious metals and stones.
  • A sketch on white, generic paper.
  • A price written next to it.
  • A personal experience that lasted 30 minutes.

What a difference. Which says we care about the customer and our work?

The Overall Impact

Back to your customer journey. Imagine if you add in these little details along the whole route. That’s going to add up to something surprising and special. Something people will come back for and tell their friends about.

That’s branding and every small business has the opportunity to design and own the customer journey that they offer.