Branding a small business? All you need to know in 30 seconds.

Small business or huge great corporate – branding is about associations.

Associations are formed on the back of experiences.

Simple rule:

Branding = Experience

If you’re a business, a good customer experience can lead to:

  • A customer buying from you. (Sale)
  • A customer coming back again. (Loyalty)
  • A customer recommending you to others. (Advocacy).

That’s three big wins every small business needs to grow.

The experience is everything from the first interaction onwards. Every possible entry point into your business.

You can’t control all of them and you certainly can’t control what people think.

You can take responsibility and invest in how you present your offer, explain what you do and ultimately inform and empower your customer to find a positive experience.

I’m talking about how you approach your brand identity, website, shop signage – all communications and marketing.

Make sure that you’re designing a visual and verbal experience that works for you.

Go smash it.