The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

I love this lyric. Thanks Bon Jovi!

I don’t know if they came up with it. It doesn’t matter, because that would be more of the same. Which is the point.

Let me explain.

We used to go to physical shops to buy things, now we increasingly go online. We’re still buying, just in a different way.

We used to meet in person, now we Zoom (or Hangout or Teams). We’re still meeting… you get the point.

The experience has changed, but the outcome persists.

What can we learn from this?

I think it tells us where we can focus to create brand difference. E.g. Give customers more of the same thing, the thing they want, just give it to them in a different way.

This approach creates a desirable contradiction. It offers both the known and the unknown. It’s one of those bizarre combinations that us humans love! It delivers reassurance – because the ending is understood – while creating variation, interest (even excitement) – because between A (the beginning) and C (the ending) is a wonderful new B!

The question is, what is your B?

Take a look at your business. You could –

Discover and hone – Is there something already in the way you do it? Your particular methodology, or the stages the customer goes through? Are there standout differences, and are these more valuable, compared to what your competitors offer?

Iterate or invent – Can you improve on what you’re doing or add something new or novel? New technology, new touchpoints, new story telling, new options, new opportunities?

Whatever you find… develop and highlight the B, the bit in the middle. Don’t just try and repackage the outcome. Design a unique experience and you can create a new way for the customer to get to a familiar place that will feel (surprisingly) new!

Brand is a journey, not a destination. 😉