Urgent Deadlines

Monday, 10:15, the phone goes, [Client] “we’ve got a great deal on a late ad, artwork by close of play today” or “we’ve decided to sponsor an event, but they need the media by the end of the week”. These brief briefs are commonplace. Opportunities pop-up for clients, they take them and we’re along for the ride! This is not a bad thing. We’re trusted partners who can turn-it-around.

Here’s the thing. Effective design is a process that demands time. Time to consider the brief, time to think on ideas, time to create concepts, review, iterate and hone. And that’s all before it goes over to the client. Of course, some projects require less time and some necessitate a lot more. Either way, I’d argue most creative outputs are improved with some breathing space. Is the cost saving on the late ad worth the potential loss in effectiveness by the rushed design? I don’t think so.