How To Think Like A Designer – The Beginning

Design is everywhere. From your toothbrush to your car. It’s in your phone, it is your phone!

Why is design everywhere? Because it solves problems and makes things better! Look at the objects around you and think about how they benefit your life.

So, what is design? Design is a process. A way of thinking and doing that leads to something usable. It’s not always visible, it often goes unnoticed, yet it impacts on so many things.

Right, who makes design, the designers? From the products you use to how you plan your day, design is given to us and practiced by all of us everyday. To be human, is to be a designer!

Ok, why do we need the designers? Because us guys have worked out how to maximise and ramp-up the potential effect. Quite simply, we know how to do it better (most of the time)!

Sound difficult? Not really. It all starts with the Why, Who, What

Why is the goal. Why bother? Why are you doing this? To make money, make an improvement, make a difference, make-up for something.

Who is the people or person you’re doing it for (designers like to call them the end-user). Customers, the community, the young, the old…

What is the, well, what are you going to produce! What is the best outcome to deliver the change you seek? An app, a book, a system and invention that changes humankind!

When you’ve got some ideas down for these, you can get onto the How.