Give Me Some Hard Working Design

Hard working communication design is robust. This is the added value; the hidden technical work that means it works well!

Let’s look at specifics:

Brand mark – A great brand mark (symbol/device) will work as a favicon in a website browser, a massive graphic blown-up on the wall in cad-cut vinyl or stitched in thread onto clothing. There is a massive size range and considerable variation in achievable quality between these. A rigorous design approach ensures the brand mark looks its best in each application.

Colour Palette – A good colour palette will not only be visually appropriate to the message, it will have been tested online and offline for consistency and performance. After all consistency is key to a good experience/brand. Try printing an orange that is vibrant and bright on-screen, you will be disappointed!

Website – A website should be truly responsive. It should resize to give optimum presentation and usability on any size of device – 27 inch monitor to smart phone. The phone has much less space to show the page and you can’t touch control many monitors (yet). A robust website will be designed, considered and tested in a range of environments.

For the greatest effect, ensure your designs are robust!